grounding warrior bracelet FOR HER


we paired smooth large round matte agate beads with one sterling spear. this bracelet will nourish you, ground you and strengthen your intuition. over all, it will remind you of your inner strength. the tags on our warrior bracelets are solid sterling silver, as are the spears. each tag has chevron detail reminding the wearer to keep moving forward and...

trust yourself warrior bracelet FOR HER


we paired smooth round beads of aragonite with 8 gold plated spears and 1 labradorite bead. this bracelet will boost your self-confidence and relieve your stress while the spears remind you of your inner strength. ARAGONITE - increase energy, boost self-confidence and feelings of self-worth as you learn to place trust in yourself. A wonderful stone for parents and people in tense relationships...

health, wealth and love warrior bracelet FOR HER


jade is a beautiful and useful green mineral rock that has been highly prized for thousands of years.   jade will help you realize your full potential because of its emotional, physical and spiritual healing properties.   we all need this stone because it is considered to be a lucky stone that offers good health, wealth, and love. we accented this bracelet with...

healing and balance warrior bracelet FOR HER


jaspers are the nurturers, the healers and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom. jasper carries a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making it's healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability and strength. jasper stone is found all over the world, but most comes from India and Australia. we accented this bracelet with a faceted pink jasper center stone and balance charm. our tags are solid...

intuition & transformation warrior bracelet FOR HER


labradorite was first found in Labrador Canada. it is a highly spiritual stone and when worn, will balance and protect your aura, raise your consciousness and strengthen your intuition. labradorescence is an optical phenomenon where iridescence flashes of colour appear on the surface of the stone. please note, as these stones are natural, each bracelet will slightly vary in colour and labradorescence....

wealth and intuition warrior bracelet FOR HER


we paired faceted blue tiger's eye with 2 gold plated spears and one geometric jade bead. this bracelet will strengthen your intuition, bring wealth and over all, be a reminder of your inner-strength. the tags on our warrior bracelets are solid sterling silver, as are the spears (the spears are 18k gold plated over sterling). each tag has chevron detail reminding the...


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