labradorite was first found in Labrador Canada. it is a highly spiritual stone and when worn, will balance and protect your aura, raise your consciousness and strengthen your intuition. labradorescence is an optical phenomenon where iridescence flashes of colour appear on the surface of the stone. please note, as these stones are natural, each bracelet will slightly vary in colour and labradorescence.

we paired labradorite with a center jasper stone, a spear and a balance charm; there is no doubt you will keep moving forward. 

the tags on our warrior bracelets are solid sterling silver, as are the spears and balance flower charms. each tag has chevron detail reminding the wearer to keep moving forward and on the reverse, it is stamped with .925 kaura. each warrior bracelet is strung using the highest quality jewelry stretch cord.

all charms and tags are hand carved and cast locally in Los Angeles. 

ready to ship

Actual Wrist Measurements Bracelet Size
4 5/8" — 5"€ X-Small
5 1/8"€” — 5.5" Small
5 5/8"€” — 6" Medium
6 1/8" — 6.5" Large