sacred symbols, sounds, and natural crystals from our Mother Earth inspire this collection.  choose a piece you vibrate with and wear it as your commitment to continually working on becoming the best potential version of yourself.
we made malas, personalized mantra rings, gemstone jewelry and screen-printed scarves for you.
All made in Los Angeles with love.


mantra bracelets - color


A simplified version of the logo, reminding us that we are limitless. Each colour has a different mantra: Blue - "Strong is beautiful" White - "Conquer from Within" Gold plated with enamel details. Cord is nylon/cotton blend and adjustable - Fits almost ALL wrist sizes (pls note only the white and blue are currently avail)

mantra shield ring


What's your mantra? What do you want to believe about yourself going into the power year, 2020? We believe when you wear your words on your finger, you empower yourself. We engrave your personal custom mantra. Choose "Sa ta na ma Waheguru" (truth is my identity) or please leave your mantra in the comments or email us directly at time of...

Mantra Bracelet


Limitless We love how these turned out! The image is 4 swords with the lotus petals on either side (our logo). On the reverse we engraved "Conquer From Within". Wear this bracelet as reminder of using your inner-strength to channel your creativity. Remind yourself that you can be the best version of yourself everyday or gift it to someone who...



This is the Mama Ring! The design comes in your of choice of 14k gold (yellow, rose or white) and your choice of enamel colour (any colour under the sun ~ we recommend white, re or black).  You can choose between 2 to 4 names/words depending on their length. The longer the names, the more narrow your band, the shorter the...



This is the Ultimate Mama / Mantra Ring!  your words because its your journey You can purchase this in two ways: 1. $5,000 We provide the diamonds and make the ring. We choose high quality brilliant diamonds and provide you will all the diamond details (colour, cut, clarity) prior to setting. We choose 2 diamonds - sizes are ~0.15carat and...

Ahimsa Ring


This ring was designed in collaboration for the Yoga for Families of Addiction (non profit organization), where the proceeds benefit the organization. The two chevron triangles stand for balance, strength and the reminder that you're always supported in this journey of life.  Show your support by wearing your AHIMSA ring and help lift the veil of shame around addiction. Designed...

auric band


inspired by the 7 chakras in our body, this ring will lead you to a greater understanding of the life force, or prana, that moves inside of you. this spinning energy has 7 centers in your body, starting at the base of your spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head. we set 7 white diamonds...