This is the Ultimate Mama Ring!

PLEASE NOTE THE BASE PRICE ($2600) DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TWO DIAMONDS.The total gold weight (14k gold) in this design is 8.5 grams. Note, the weight varies with each ring.

The design comes in your of choice of 14k gold (yellow, rose or white) and your choice of enamel colour (any colour under the sun). 

You can purchase this in two ways:

1. $5,000

We provide the diamonds and make the ring. We choose high quality brilliant diamonds and provide you will all the diamond details (colour, cut, clarity) prior to setting. We choose 2 diamonds - sizes are 0.15carat and 0.28carat.




2. $2,600

Heirloom Redesign: You provide the diamonds or coloured gemstones you wish to use. You do not need the exact sizes, as we modify the design based on your gemstones. We can use as many or no stones as you please. As a result, the price may increase or decrease slightly. As this ring is custom designed each time with your choice of names/words, we can use almost ANY size diamonds or no diamonds. 

This ring design is a beautiful way to re-use old diamonds. If you would like to re-use an old engagement ring which may have absorbed negative energy, we provide a "DIAMOND CLEANSING RITUAL" which involves powerful clearing tools. At your request, we can perform the first cleanse, and then teach you (and provide the tools), so that you can perform it as needed.


EMAIL us so that we can arrange to meet and discuss the gemstones you wish to cleanse and re-use or mail them to us.

If you prefer the standard mama ring (narrow band with 3 small diamonds, please look for "mama ring" in the BLISS collections