Zendaya - Strength of a Star

Founder and designer for Kaura Jewels, Harvinder Keila meets with mega Disney star, Zendaya. The custom made ring titled, "Strength of a Star" was inspired by the star herself. The "directional" ring was presented to Zendaya to commemorate her values of self-love and inner-strength. She is not only a Disney star, TV producer, singer, actress, designer and entrepreneur, but she is a true warrior in spirit!

watch the interview video here: "Oh Snap"

Ring details: 14 karat yellow gold, pink sapphire and diamonds. On the inside of the double-finger rings, her name and the meaning of her name "To give thanks" engraved, making it very personal.

We are hoping to meet the star again in the near future to create a capsule collection titled "Larger Than Life"

  • May 19, 2017
  • Harvinder Keila