Decolonize Your Mind

Do you have any advice for mothers who are struggling emotionally? How can they find inner strength?

My answer is conscious self-care. Listen, I was fearful to wake up each day, and what I learned to do was to acknowledge what I was grateful for as soon as I woke. At first (for many months), I didn’t believe I was grateful for anything I was saying. But then eventually, gradually, I realized my thoughts were not forced. These positive thoughts lead to a slightly better morning for me, which also led me to becoming self-aware once again. I also recommend checking in with one’s self-talk as often as possible in the day. Perhaps while driving or washing dishes or while in the shower. If you hear negative self-chatter, switch your thoughts to anything positive. Combine this practice with going for walks and adding the vitamins you need. The next step is talking about your struggles with people. Moms can and should lean on other moms. Lastly, wearing or reading a daily reminder that this struggle is temporary, and you will come out of it.