I AM AWAKE is a timeless tale of a modern warrior searching for meaning. She arrives at the desert seeking solace for her broken heart. In the dark of the night, she finds strength, clarity and wisdom. It’s been there all along. When worn, each bracelet, necklace, ring, magnifies and radiates her infinite potential. Kaura Jewels, calling her back to the beloved within herself.

Harvinder Keila, founder of Kaura Jewels created her jewelry line at a challenging time when she found strength inside to keep moving forward.


Shot in Joshua Tree in October 2016 and produced by Broken Tree Productions. Fine jewels by Harvinder Keila; Model/actress is Canadian Jen Araki; Art Direction by Gurpinder Virdee; Director of photography by Dan Batalles; make-up/hair by Kulvinder Virdee; Edited by Jonathan Mathew; Music composition by Hannah Parrot; Headdress created by Gordon Lee