Imagine a midnight cloud under a full moon - that’s the colour you find in the Smokey Quartz gemstone.  Smokey quartz neutralizes against negativity and anchors the wearer from the coming storms. It holds great grounding properties.

Each warrior bracelet is detailed with the KAURA signature Chevron pattern, serving as a reminder to always  move forward. Embellished hand-carved charms of sterling silver and 18k gold-plated symbolizing strength, balance, and protection are deliberately chosen. Each warrior bracelet is strung using the highest quality jewelry stretch cord.

All charms and tags are hand carved and cast locally in Los Angeles

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If you prefer 3 spears instead of the large center stone - just leave a note a checkout. These bracelets are made exactly the way you want them. xx

Product care:

Each bracelet is artisan crafted with high vibrational gemstones and metals. We recommend rolling the bracelet on and off the wrist and avoiding elements that can weaken the elastic cord. Avoid exposing bracelet to oils, hair sprays, lotion, salt water, perfumes or immersing in pool, sauna or shower as it may weaken or alter its natural state. We recommend cleaning the organic gemstones with a soft cotton cloth to remove dust and body oils. Over time, some gemstones may fade or loose their vividness of colour with prolonged sun exposure- while some gemstones can darken (amber) . When not wearing, store in a protective cloth or box, away from sunlight. 


women's wrist size

5 1/8" — 5.5" Small
5 5/8" — 6" Medium
6 1/8" — 6.5" Large