Bindi, the new collection from Kaura Jewels

Bindi, the new collection from Kaura Jewels

by Brittany Siminitz

At a time when the strength and ferocity of women are being put to the test, it feels good to be in an industry that is full of warriors, not to mention those who work so hard to help women feel strong. Harvinder Keila, designer behind Kaura Jewels, is one of those warriors.

Her brand offers “Modern Armour for the Urban Warrior,” with styles I have admired since 2014. (You may remember Keila as a Designer to Watch from a series I did for On Your Market a few years ago.)

It’s been far too long since I revisited Kaura Jewels, so I was pleased when Harvinder sent me news of her latest collection, Bindi. Featuring the iconic red dot, the collection—which took five months to launch from start to finish—is both inspired by Keila’s Indian nickname (Bindi), as well as the meaning of the recognizable symbol.

“I learned that [the bindi] has many meanings across many cultures, but what resonated is that it is deliberately worn between the brows in the area of our concealed wisdom, or the third eye,” says Keila. “In other words, the bindi is a symbol reminding us to reflect, look inward, and be devoted to oneself, eventually bringing us closer to our authentic whole self.”


Creating the icon for the pieces in this line meant coming up with just the right shade of red—the perfect job for an expert enamelist. Thankfully, Keila connected with one of those: Sinork Agdere, of beloved brand Lord Jewelry.

“I love working with Sinork and I’m blessed he has time for me!” adds Keila. It was Adgere’s extensive enamel color chart, partnered with Kelia’s introspective state of mind, that ultimately birthed the collection.

Continuing Kaura Jewels’ mission to empower women, this collection comes as an inspiration to those seeking inner strength and peace. In a high-paced, frenetic world, this is the designer’s way of encouraging those who wear the line to take personal time to slow down and reflect.

he designer plans to expand the growing collection to include mini versions of rings, as well as gold-plated styles. I—as I’m sure many others—will be anxiously awaiting what comes next.

  • December 12, 2017
  • Harvinder Keila