positive vibes

She can do anything. Sasha is a dancer and I first met her when I was downtown in the jewelry district chatting with my friend Joel, the owner of The Small Shop LA. Joel introduced me to Sasha and I learned she was performing at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, on the weekend. I connected via Instagram with her and decided to see her perform with my daughter.

It was a beautiful warm Saturday night at the Getty and the band had started playing around the largest fountain. The dancers came out and through the fountains and the whole performance moved from fountain to fountain and it was really beautiful. 

Since that event two years ago, I continued to follow Sasha on social. When I decided to create a winter campaign, she came to my mind first. I asked her to model and she said yes!

This is a graceful and powerful video and I'm so grateful for staying connected with Sasha. In this video, she wears the spear post earrings, the ultimate shield ring, the shield cuffs, the mini shield necklace, the white bindi necklace and stacks the warrior bracelets.

Wearing a piece from the shield collection, whether its the mini shield pendant or the ultimate shield ring, will remind you to switch your negative self-talk to positive self-talk  - you can do anything, positive vibes only

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/kS0XI93T42k